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Church Landing Page

Auto generated landing page based on the information you provide.


User Notification, Friend Requests and Message Alerts


Know your members by face and keep track of their contact details. Create family relationships between members and display a map of homes.


Communicate better by sending Emails & SMSes to your church members. Track who has read emails and manage several mailing lists. Personalise emails to engage your members.

Service Groups

Create Service Groups for your youth groups, bible study groups, Sunday school classes and have the ability to create events, send out emails and even track attendance for these groups.

Access Control

Control what level of access each member has. Create security groups and assign permission to users for certain tasks or certain service groups.

Event Registration

Create events online and take registrations. Know who is coming to an event and keep track of registration and payments.

Social Network

Allow users to connect with other users by following them, sending messages and posting in groups and on event pages